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Smart Travel: Global Entry

If you’re a U.S. citizen and travel overseas even once a year, I highly recommend you sign up for Global Entry. This program, run by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is simpler than you may think and it can save a ton of time. While others returning home to the States are waiting in an hour-long reentry line at immigration and then standing for 30 minutes to clear customs, I clear immigration in about two minutes and customs in about 30 seconds. Seriously.

I signed up last year online. There was a $100 application fee, and then once they completed the background check, I was scheduled for a 10-minute interview. That was it. My membership is valid for six years. Boom. And (extra bonus!) you’re automatically a member of TSA Pre✓™. You know those quick lines in U.S. airports? Yep, you get to use them. The only challenge in the whole process is the limited number of locations you can go for your personal interview.

Global Entry can even benefit citizens of Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Mexico! Check out their FAQs for more information.

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